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Hi guys, my name is Christiana, but you can call me Tiana. I am a Nigerian living in Nigeria.

I am a script writer and have been over the years. This I have done for radio-NEVER AGAIN (a 30 mins Radio Magazine prog) and For Your Information- FYI (a 10mins Radio documentary/interview prog.) all at (Fed.Radio Corp.Nig.Ikoyi Lagos ) and Television programings. Which also include Radio dramas at Voice Of Nigeria,Ikoyi Lagos, a 30 mins Television comedy dramas (named: Fuji House of Commotion) and a 10 Mins Reflections for African radio audiences at (Voice of Nigeria (VON, Ikoyi Lagos).

At the moment, I am a blogger, content creator, a writer/author.

Project Names:
  • Ebook
  • EJournal
  • Podcasting
  • etc

A short Description of my projects

  • eBooks
  • eMagazines/ eJournals
  • Time out with Tiana series (Blogging)
  • Vlogging
  • et ce tera