Resumptions 2

Students in a learning session

Hi there, have you read part (1) one of this post? RESUMPTIONS 1

Please read, enjoy and even make comments, thanks πŸ˜„. Now that your children have resumed school, what next?

Well, let me tell you a very short story. Actually, it’s a real-life story, only the name is different.

There used to be this particular girl, her name is Alice, a (16) sixteen-year-old girl in one of the schools where I had taught some years back. She was always coming late for classes and always looking tattered and unkempt. As soon as she settles down in the classroom just give her fifteen minutes she’d doze off.

I had taken note of this, even brought to the knowledge of the school proprietor. One day I decided to follow her to her house.

Well, fast forward, I discovered she lives with her grandmother who has a retailing shop at a major bus stop, that closes at midnight, so she goes straight from school to the shop and doesn’t get home until (1) one a.m, doesn’t get to sleep until (2) two a.m.

So, fast forward again, I was actually kind of happy I met the grandmother so I introduced myself. The moment I finished saying what, what and what I observed, and how it’s affecting this girl. You know, no way for her to do her homework, study her notes, she doesn’t participate in the classes, she’s always late and too tired to even pay attention to any classwork, her notes are incomplete,and rough, textbooks are unavailable in some subjects, hair is undone, sandals not okay, et cetera.

Guess what? By the time I finished talking, you need to see the eyes of this old woman. She looked daggers at me. Meanwhile, I was so engrossed in what I was telling her so I wasn’t looking at her,else, I probably wouldn’t have said anything. As soon as I got wind of her reactions, I had to leave.

The following day, Alice came to school at her usual time, (9/10) nine/ten O’clock looking her usual self: unkempt, tired, tattered school bag, sandals and on, and on. So, at break time I called her into the teachers’ office for some questioning.

Fast forward, her parents are separated and grandma is not interested in taking care of her and neither is any of the parents. Finally, she met an irresponsible guy who got her pregnant and ran away. OH! WHAT TO DO!😨😲πŸ₯΅πŸ˜«

See, the thing is you parents, the moment you start having kids, whatever decisions made affect them directly.


Now that they are in school, how are you parenting? Hello, there is no time off in parenting, no matter how old they are. Even when they get married, you must show a good example of parenting/husbanding/wifing. And with the way the world is going right now, you need to become a Superman/woman. In order to be their friend, be patient and empathetic, be a detective, be a hawk from a distance though. God help us!

Maybe, you are wondering why all these troubles just for having a child or children???

Look around you, you, yes, look very carefully around your neighborhood…. somewhere, far or near, someone has just been murdered, raped, robbed, molested, and what have you???

Then, you are wondering or saying, my kids aren’t into such nonsense, they can take care of themselves, they can’t be victims to such either, okay, God forbid, Amen😣🀚🀚😣😧

You can’t afford to be nonchalant either, because, we must do the needful to make the world safer than it is at the moment.

The danger there is that some of these children are going through some unpleasantness quietly and you the parent is busy chasing after money, business, fashion, power, fame, friendship and what else???

Whatever you think you are chasing after is for what/who when you’re no more??

Now is the time to make amends,be more interested in your πŸ‘­πŸ‘¬πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦πŸ‘ͺ child/children’s life/affairs, be intentional, do better, become better. Don’t you ever leave your children with anyone without looking back, the result might be shocking or worse.

Well, thank you for sparing some of your precious time to read my post, I appreciate it.πŸ‘πŸ‘‹πŸ˜„ Receive grace to do the right things. Be safe.

Well, at this juncture, ladies and gentlemen, I’ll like to draw the curtains as it pertains to this post. Please do not hesitate to air your views on the comments slot, follow and subscribe to my blog, thank you in advance.πŸ˜€